A Cuban Refugee’s Journey
to the American Dream

The Power of Education

During the few times my father still visited the park, he was under surveillance. On the way home one night, a neighborhood acquaintance walked past him and whispered, “you have a shadow.”
— Gerardo M. González

A book about one person,
— a refugee, a boy —
who succeeded beyond
anybody’s wildest expectations.

The power of education
is the story of my life

Gerardo González

A Photographical Journey


Our last family portrait in Cuba, circa 1956, showing my father Elio Angel, mother Armantina, sister Maritza, and me.


State telegram giving my family instructions on the date and time of our departure from Cuba.


My parents and sister waiting for me after school in Miami.


Envelope that carried my grandfather’s letter from Cuba congratulating me on my graduation from Miami Dade Junior College, the first college degree in our family.


Standing in my graduation robe before the University of Florida Spring Commencement Ceremonies, 1973.


Congratulating an Indiana University School of Education graduate.


Old American cars cruising the streets of Havana. Photo courtesy of Doug Kutz

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